Make the invisible visible

Renewable Energy projects tend to be smaller than traditional power generation ones. Many of them represent an investment smaller than 100 mln USD. As a consequence, they are less visible and attract less attention than large and flagship infrastructure projects like coal, gas, LNG, nuclear, damns, or offshore wind.

Distributed projects are critical in the electrification of our societies. They provide clean power close to the consumption points. They allow communities to access energy, they are a means for commercial and industrial companies to reduce their energy costs, their energy carbon intensity, and their energy insecurity. The LCOE of solar projects is now able to compete with new coal and so even in emerging markets.

SMEs developing and operating these renewable energy projects create local jobs. These national champions grow over time as successful energy services companies pulled by a fast-growing market. The CAGR of RE is 6% globally and higher than 10% in Asia.

Positive Energy with its digital platform makes these smaller infrastructure projects visible to all stakeholders involved in the energy sector (regulators, NGOs, utilities and IPP, financiers, and services providers). They become then an available alternative to traditional carbon-intensive investments.

Most of these greenfield projects need – as all infra projects – help to quickly become reality: development grants or soft loans, consultancy services, political support for permitting and licensing, investors and lenders for construction finances, long term investors able to off-take the operational assets to recycle the capital.

Positive Energy transforms the industry by giving a platform for smaller opportunities that otherwise go unnoticed. The platform unlocks the value of these renewable energy projects. By federating actors and aggregating projects, Positive Energy creates an ecosystem that can enable the positive economic, environmental, and societal impacts associated with these many smaller opportunities.

Connect across borders

Oil majors have been growing across frontiers for decades creating with them a strong cross-border ecosystem. To be relevant and compete effectively, renewable energy players had – very quick and early in their development – to grow internationally. For example, most of the RENIXX (Renewable Energy Industrial Index) members are operating internationally despite their relatively young age.

Recently the growing number of RE100 and EV100 signatories, all large international corporations (fortune 500 like), accelerates even further this globalization. These companies pledged to only use renewable energy sources for their operations (RE100) or electric vehicles (EV100) and are driving large energy transition efforts along their complete supply chain.

But it is not easy for them to deploy such programs at scale, across all their operations in many different countries. There is also a growing competition to access green/clean energy as the local supply remains limited.

Positive Energy enables internationalization for any renewable energy player. The platform provides an easy way for local and regional champions to engage with international players. Our international community of 1000+ users and 250+ companies create a strong foundation for international collaboration around clean power projects development and financing but also carbon off-setting programs.

By building an industry-specific international community, Positive Energy allows promoters to engage easily with a large base of international institutional and strategic/industrial investors. Investors can easily identify new opportunities and connect with the developers in these countries.

Digital technology allows deal members far apart to efficiently work together across distance and timezones. Developers can reach out internationally and investors can connect to opportunities across the globe.

e-Build capacity

In most emerging markets, the penetration of renewable energy remains extremely low. Most countries struggle to achieve their targets of increasing the share of RE (excluding hydro) in the energy mix up to 20 – 30%. While developing economies (EUUS) reduced its dependence on coal and embark in the transition, Asia is left behind and represents now 80% of the global demand for coal.

None of these countries would like to run and even less invest in a 2G telecom infrastructure, but strangely enough, they keep investing in and running on outdated and non-sustainable technologies for their critical energy infrastructure.

Typically, the main 3 roadblocks for the further development of renewable energy in these countries are inadequate regulatory framework, gaps in skills and competencies, lack of financing.

Capacity development programs are being financed by large institutions (IEAADBIRENA) and governments to help local stakeholders develop the necessary skills and competencies.

Positive Energy plays a key role in helping local SMEs as well as new investors to get started and build capabilities in this industry.

Our platform is user-centric designed based on the inputs and feedback from a variety of investment analysts, fund managers, and investment committee members. Our standard project information sheets, standard financial models, and standard virtual data room template helps developers to understand the investment requirements, structure their thoughts, and also helps new investors to operate in this market more effectively.

Through Positive Energy’s platform, preparing the investment file on such a platform takes only a morning of work yet immediately meets the expectations of large investors. Investors can in a few clicks and minutes access and assess the investment opportunities associated with these projects.

We are running out of time. Emissions are not reducing. Neither in 2019 nor in 2018Global warming is progressing.
Economic development remains the main priority.
Happily, it exists paths where both economical and ESG performances can be met.
Renewable and energy efficiency development programs provide developing countries the opportunity to build capacities in future proof industries while improving the environment of their citizens.
Positive Energy provides a new approach and innovative technology to effectively support the development of sustainable projects.