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Biomass projects funding


Biomass Projects Finance Opportunities

Biomass is a sustainable source of energy. Those who consider biomass financing should know that this type of energy is produced in the process of photosynthesis when plants transform solar energy into hydrocarbons. Before starting your biomass funding project please remember that when fossil fuel is burnt it generates heat, dioxide carbon, and water.

Some sorts of biofuel, for instance, wood, can be just burnt in order to get energy. Yet still, there are some technologies requiring finance that allow obtaining liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons from wood and other biomaterials.

While it is rarely sustainable to grow plants to create biofuel or energy from them, there are many opportunities to transform agricultural waste into energy instead of letting this waste decompose in the fields.

Biomass projects are a very good way to make the best use of local resources and they provide employment to local communities.

For Biomass power projects to be considered sustainable investments they need to use modern equipment and processes to limit their GHG emissions to 100 CO2-eq per kWh.

Biomass projects and plants need to secure both the supply of the feedstock used to run the plant and the off-take of the energy/product produced by the facility.

Biomass projects need also to define an effective supply chain to ensure smooth operations. As such storage and transportation of the feedstock and products need to be accounted for in the overall planning and design.

It is also important to perform market research and study to evaluate the impact of the plant on the local feedstock market.

Reasons for Biomass Projects Funding

The resources for biofuel are almost infinite, that’s why this is one of the reasons for funding for biomass projects. Primary commodities meant for acquiring electric energy from biofuel include the following:

  • Trees and plants. Trees and shrubs can be simply burnt producing heat for boilers of steam turbines. The most spread source of wood biomass is a wood industrial residue (sawmills) and pulp and paper mills. For energy production mostly here we use a willow tree, which is grown up in a special manner, diesel switch grass, and elephant grass.
  • Cereal crops and crop residues. Ventures who look for biomass finance know that corn is used for ethanol production. With the same purpose (but to a lesser extent) we may use other cereals – wheat, rye, and rice. In some countries, ethanol is acquired from sugar cane. Soybeans, peanuts, and sunflower seeds are also used for obtaining diesel biofuel. Both ethanol and biofuel can be used for the generation of electric energy and for auto fuel.
  • Aquatic and marine plants. When you think about biomass financing you need to understand that microalga exposed to fermentation generates ethanol as well. This microalga can be artificially manured for biogas production. Usual marine algae are also used for this purpose.
  • Manure and wastewater. While financing such types of projects please note that livestock manure and sewage disposals can be added to compost heaps in order to speed up the emission of biogas.

The Best Site for Biomass Finance

There are some moments on this website that make financing any biomass project clear and easy. One of those moments is an understandable list of offers. All these options are presented here with the help of a match-making tool. All relevant offers can be seen almost immediately since such technology discards all variants that don’t match your criteria. It helps to find a potential investor who is ready for funding your project. Positive Energy Ltd. is a place dedicated to financing projects and clean energy assets. Anyone may buy or sell equity or debt in accordance with a market value at any sustainable energy project. Biomass funding opportunities are waiting for those who are eager to take advantage of them here. Finance renewable-energy projects with Positive Energy Ltd.!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.