Digital investments platform

Investors access a large portfolio of renewable energy projects with our global clean energy asset listing.

Positive Energy Ltd. addresses the issues related to the financing of small to mid-size projects with its breakthrough B2B green finance platform by digitalizing the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for all parties involved. The platform features are the following:

Deal Sourcing and Matchmaking services

Our platform connects and facilitates business collaboration between project owners or developers of solar and wind projects and institutional investors. It is the most effective mean to directly screen projects & decision makers. This saves investors a considerable amount of time finding, screening and benchmarking quality projects while providing a space for developers to get their projects funded faster.

Expert & Knowledge Management System

It is populated with a pre-defined list of documents and data for the assessment and benchmarking of the project assets. These standardized Due Diligence tools provide, a framework that can be used by investors to run their investment process. Example of resources: 

  • An integrated financial model tailored to each asset class,
  • A pre-defined list of important asset data that impact the financial model,
  • A structured list of documents to be reviewed as part of the Due Diligence,
  • Health check lists to fasten the assessment of the major documents,
  • External digital tools integrated to accelerate the the KYC/AML process and the technical audit of an Asset.

 The Positive Energy Ltd. platform allows the investor to personalize the default list of data and documents associated with the Due Diligence. Investors can then adjust the tool to their existing Q&A processes and improve it over time based on their REX.

The Positive Energy Ltd platform acts as a Knowledge management system facilitating the creation, sharing, usage and management of the knowledge and information of an organisation. The platform mitigates the risks associated with a high turn-over of employees or an ageing work-force.

Workflow Tool

Our platform streamlines the entire project financing andinvestment processes. By concentrating all the information relating to projects in a unified and standardised way, the platform aggregates and digitalizes an otherwise fragmented workflow into a single efficient collaborative space. It accelerates the deal discovery, deal screening, due diligence and asset management activities while significantly reducing transactions costs e.g. transportation, communication charges, information costs of finding projects or investors, cost of collecting relevant information, time spent at meetings.

Deal Sourcing and Matchmaking services

Our virtual data room is the backbone to seamless due diligence allowing users to store and access all project related documents online. It eliminates the need for large amounts of physical information to change hands for project assessments and deals.

The virtual data room lets users determine who can see what and provides detailed tracking services. The data room completeness index is calculated according each project stage and provides an indicator of the level of information available for an asset. This provides a lead indicator of the real project maturity. The information helps benchmark projects while providing the necessary reports and checks to ensure proper quality insurance of the investment process.

Third party due diligence service providers can upload or certify key information directly from the Data Room.

Digital Collaboration Solution

Our platform removes layers of intermediaries significantly accelerating communication and exchange of information between parties.

By bringing all the actors involved in the investment process in the single platform, Positive Energy Ltd. facilitates the formation of virtual teams and the collaboration of their members.

The different stakeholders of a project / transaction can easily access the information based on their respective access rights and contribute to the deal without compromising the confidentiality of the information

Security & Auditability

We aim to run our platform with anchor industry partners. Our community and our digital green finance platform are a collaborative, transparent, and secure environment enforcing trust between parties across the investment/due diligence process. 
At Positive Energy Ltd, we leverage information technologies to streamline collaboration between participants and reimagine key business processes involved in the financing of clean energy projects. 


  • Confidentiality and data privacy : Access rights and rules to have access to the users, projects and transactions are coded as business rules. It’s possible to prove at any time that data has not been altered or accessed by non-authorized 3rdParties.
  • Auditability : Multiple users can view and edit documents and track changes within a secure environment. Our software provides auditable, traceable records of the changes made to the due diligence, transaction, projects, and user data
  • Trust : Documents are only accessible to the approved users guaranteeing the origin and validity of due diligence data and protecting the interests of all parties.
  • Security : our software implements state-of-the-art cybersecurity mechanisms to ensure the data protection and the services availability