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Energy storage funding


Finance Your Energy Storage Project

When you think about energy storage financing please note that the effective use of solar and wind electric power depends on the means of power generation and storage. Energy storage funding becomes more attractive when you understand that it is advisable, to finance and install Electricity Storage Systems for solar and wind power plants since electric power from these alternative sources of energy is generated unevenly during the day. For instance, solar power is generated only during the daytime and is commonly consumed during the night. During cloudy days and on the days of winter, solstice – generation of power is significantly lower than everyday consumption.

Energy Storage Financing

The issues with the adjustment of the electric power system came up and are waiting for funding from everyone who wishes to do this. Finance the creation of an energy accumulation system that can be a solution for it. Such systems require fast balancing and adjustments and energy storage financing may improve the whole situation. Find and finance the relevant projects on our website. Many projects have completely integrated electricity storing solutions that strike a balance between the generation and consumption of electric power.

The availability of such projects enables the network operator to charge the capacity of electric supply in off-peaks and discharge during on-peaks. Shifting generators with storage avoids problems during peak periods and prevents the usage of carbon-intensive peaker plants. Energy storage system, mostly consisting of modern batteries, strengthens the running of the grid and increases reliability and self-sustainability during changing situations. The short-term imbalance of generation and loads can be managed easily if some energy reserves are built into the system. 

There exist multiple types of power accumulation technologies and applications. Each technology presents specific advantages and constraints that make them more or less suitable for specific applications.

The types of energy storage technologies

  1. High-Energy supercapacitors used for power quality applications,
  2. High-Power Flywheels used for power quality and grid support applications,
  3. High-Energy supercapacitors used for power quality and grid support applications,
  4. Lithium-ion battery used for power quality, ancillary services, and generation shifting,
  5. The lead-Acid battery is used for power quality and grid support applications,
  6. Nikkel-cadmium battery used for power quality and grid support applications,
  7. Nickel-metal hydride battery used for power quality and grid support applications.
  8. Pumped hydro and thermal storage is used for generation/load shifting applications.

These projects provide the following benefits:

  • Increase the quality of services of the electricity network.
  • Reduce total costs of operations of the grid.
  • Create the ability to provide 24/7 clean energy to corporate customers.¬†
  • Provide the ability to maximise margin from a given portfolio of RE assets in a given market.
  • Electricity from sustainable sources of energy is supplied smoothly to electric power systems through the reduction of energy oscillation;
  • Storing of electricity is being performed during the maximum generation of power, which is used during the periods of its most intensive consumption;
  • Levelling down peak consumption of electricity, according to the decreased output load on the electric power system;
  • Maintaining infrastructure in case of the increased output load, resulting from the use of electric vehicles.

Funding Energy Storage Projects

This website is meant for the cooperation of developers who are looking for energy storage financing and investors who are in search of prospective projects. All may find perfect opportunities here that are provided with special tools to ease a search for this or that project or a source of funding. Our website is the best choice!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.