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Investing in energy storage projects


Energy Storage Investment

If you consider whether to invest or not in power storing projects, please note that the effectiveness of solar and wind electricity depends upon ways of power generation and its storage. Energy Storage Systems that are waiting for investment – are the solution for it, due to the fact that the energy generated from it is obtained in an uneven manner during the daytime and must be stored somewhere when it is used during the nighttime.

Investing in Energy Storage

Invest in power storing accumulation systems, which are the real solution for saving power. Adjustments and fast balancing of the systems are required. There are many types of energy storage projects waiting for investment at the site. Some projects already have power storing solutions that make the balance between consumption and generation of electricity. 

The availability of such projects enables the network operator to charge the capacity of electric supply in off-peaks and discharge during on-peaks. Shifting generators with storage avoids problems during peak periods and prevents the usage of carbon-intensive peaker plants. Energy storage system, mostly consisting of modern batteries, strengthens the running of the grid and increases reliability and self-sustainability during changing situations. The short-term imbalance of generation and loads can be managed easily if some energy reserves are built into the system. 

There exist multiple types of energy storage technologies. Each technology presents specific advantages and constraints that make them more or less suitable for specific applications. Here are some of them.

Common types of power accumulation technologies and applications: 

  1. High-Energy supercapacitors used for power quality applications,
  2. High-Power Flywheels used for power quality and grid support applications,
  3. High-Energy supercapacitors used for power quality and grid support applications,
  4. Lithium-ion battery used for power quality, ancillary services, and generation shifting,
  5. The lead-Acid battery is used for energy quality and grid support applications,
  6. Nikkel-cadmium battery used for power quality and grid support applications,
  7. Nickel-metal hydride battery used for power quality and grid support applications.
  8. Pumped hydro and thermal storage is used for generation/load shifting applications.

Main pros of storing solutions:

  • Increase the quality of services of the electricity network.
  • Reduce total costs of operations of the grid.
  • Create the ability to provide 24/7 clean energy to corporate customers. 
  • Provide the ability to maximise margin from a given portfolio of RE assets in a given market.
  • Electricity from renewable sources of power is generated smoothly to all energy systems by means of reducing the oscillation.
  • The electricity is stored during maximum generation of electric power, which is then consumed at the time of its most intensive demand.
  • The output load on electric power systems is decreased when levelling down peak consumption of electricity.
  • When using electric vehicles, the solution maintains the infrastructure that has the increase of output load in such cases.

Investment in Energy Storage

This site has been designed for investors who are in search of prospective projects to invest in. Take advantage of many tools and opportunities provided by this website to find an appropriate project for your future investments. Investing in energy storage is easy with us. You are welcome to join and take advantage of our investment tools!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.