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Investing in renewable energy

Investment in Renewable Energy Projects – Your Chance to Change the World

There is nothing new to say that the global energy demand is still rising. Different studies underline that by 2050 the total worldwide electric power usage will increase up to 50%. To achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals and limit global warming to 1.5dec, this extra power needs to be 100% low carbon. According to the IEA, we do not need more gas, oil, and coal. But how do we change the situation and decrease the usage of fossil fuels? We just need to turn to sustainable sources. They are better for humanity and the entire planet. If we want to live in a resilient world in the future, then we should invest in renewable energy projects right now.

Investing in renewable energy projects has several important benefits for all of us:

  • sustainable energy brings cleaner air to communities;
  • is cost-effective and quick to deploy;
  • projects create local jobs;
  • decreases greenhouse gas emissions;
  • projects provide attractive returns/risks ratio to investors.

Renewable Energy Investment: Where You Can Invest Right Now

Nowadays, our societies still need to struggle to decrease the negative impact of fossil fuels on the natural environment.

At Positive Energy Ltd., we focus on financing solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and other renewable power projects. So, our company allows banks, private equity funds, Independent Power Producers, utilities, family offices, and professional investors to find renewable energy projects to invest in by using our digital platform.

Our company doesn’t take any up-front payments from clients. Thus, you can register on our website for free and feel all the benefits from using it. Our platform reduces investors’ origination and deal assessment costs. It provides the efficiency they need to finance more and smaller projects to increase their capital allocation and impacts.

Who can start to invest in sustainable electric power projects? On our platform, every company or professional individual investor can make a renewable energy investment. We highly value our reputation, so we ask everyone to verify one’s identity to get renewable energy investment opportunities. In this regard, we ask you to upload your company’’ Certificate of incorporation or your passport..

Peculiarities of Investment in Sustainable Energy Projects

At Positive Energy Ltd. we believe that the electric power sphere is changing right now. We know that changemakers, who implement sustainable electric power projects, need our support. Thus, we operate this marketplace, where everyone can find the best renewable energy project company to invest in. It’s important to underline that we just give you all the necessary tools for making a profitable investment and step aside so that you can act in your way. How does it work? On our platform, you can:

  • compare projects’ transactions (they are selected automatically to fulfill your needs and goals);
  • get all the necessary data about the sustainable power projects you want to invest in;
  • get access to the financial model and virtual data room prepared by the developer and our team;
  • communicate with renewable electric power developers and exchange documents.

Investing in sustainable energy is easy with our company. Remember that each current investment will bring considerable benefits in the nearest future. So, don’t waste your time when others make investments in sustainable power projects. All you need is to start your route right now.

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.