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Hydropower projects funding


The reasoning for Financing of Hydropower Projects

Hydropower is a sustainable source of energy that makes hydropower funding increase every year. Those ventures who are in search of financing for their hydropower projects know that water power plants are installed at rivers creating stanches and water storage reservoirs. There is a great significance for the choice of the right spot for a power plant to run efficiently. Two factors are the most important: guaranteed water supply all year through and a river fall that should be as large as possible.

There exist three main types of hydropower facilities:

  1. Impoundment or dam;
  2. Diversion or run-of-river;
  3. And pumped storage.

Positive Energy Ltd focuses mainly on medium size projects (with a capacity between 1 and 30MW). These projects are typically run-of-river.

The Pros and Cons of Hydropower Funding

The owners and ventures who look for finance for their hydroelectric projects may explain shortly the benefits and drawbacks of it:

The pros are:

  • Water is a renewable source of power; therefore, hydropower financing is profitable at any time.
  • Power plants do not produce carbon monoxide gas, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, and Sulphur.
  • The production of power plants is easy to control by changing the velocity of a water stream. They play an important role in the balance of power and grid stability. Please take it into consideration, when the time comes to finance the project. 
  • Water from artificial storage reservoirs is clean as a rule. This kind of water can be used for drinking, washing, swimming, and irrigation. Always remember it when you think about hydroelectric projects finance.
  • Impoundment facilities can be easily combined with floating solar to increase the technical and financial performance of the plants.

The cons are:

  • Planning hydropower funding you should know that some demolition or a breakdown of a stanch will inevitably bring about catastrophic flooding downstream.
  • Hydropower plants are often sensitive to seasons. Indeed the water level and flow vary over time. The dry season can drastically reduce the ability of the Hydropower plant to produce energy. 
  • Large hydropower plants are among complex renewable energy projects and they often require long and expensive feasibility studies. Their construction can take several years.
  • The building of hydroelectric plants is not effective on flatlands.
  • Large water storage reservoirs flood essential areas of ground

The Best Website for Hydropower Financing

Our site gives everyone an opportunity to finance prospective hydroelectric projects with the help of our match-making technology. This tool makes a search for any potential investor quick and easy. Due diligence data sets allow our customers to benchmark the finance and performance of each project regarding hydroelectric funding. 

Join us and have all the opportunities provided by Positive Energy Ltd.!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.