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Investing in Hydropower


Why Invest in Hydropower?

Hydroelectric energy is the oldest renewable source of power, and hydropower investments have been popular for years. Those who are investing in water power may list the benefits and drawbacks of this type of investment. Let us look through these points.

It exists three main types of hydropower facilities: 

  1. Impoundment or dam;
  2. Diversion or run-of-river;
  3. The pumped storage.

Positive Energy Ltd focuses mainly on medium size projects (with a capacity between 1 and 30MW). These projects are typically run-of-river.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower Investment

The advantages are:

  • Hydropower investment is value-enhancing since water is a sustainable source of power.
  • Hydropower plants can be controlled by their operators and can provide power on demand. They play an important role in the balance of power and grid stability. 
  • Such hazardous wastes like carbon monoxide gas, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, and Sulphur are not produced by water power plants.
  • By controlling the speed of a stream you may influence the production of a water power plant.
  • All water contained in artificial storage reservoirs can be used for washing, irrigation, swimming, and even drinking. This source of power is very versatile.
  • Impoundment facilities can be easily combined with floating solar to increase the technical and financial performance of the plants.

The disadvantages are:

  • When you consider hydroelectric energy investment, please keep in mind that a breakdown of a stanch or some kind of a natural disaster may cause an inevitable terrific flood down the stream.
  • Hydropower plants are often sensitive to seasons. Indeed the water level and flow vary over time. The dry season can drastically reduce the ability of the Hydropower plant to produce energy. 
  • Flatlands are not efficient for the building of hydroelectric plants.
  • Large hydropower plants are among complex renewable energy projects and they often require long and expensive feasibility studies. Their construction can take several years.
  • Significant areas of territory are flooded with water from large storage reservoirs. Due to the social and environmental risks associated with water power plants using dams, such projects are becoming rarer.

The Best Website to invest in Hydropower

Take advantage of our website to invest in perspective hydroelectric projects. Our match-making technology is created for everyone who wants to find a potential developer or an investor. Our clients can benchmark finance and steps of progress for each project with the help of a due diligence data set.

If you join us, you will find experienced professionals ready to assist you in your projects.

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.