Positive Energy Ltd developed the International Renewable Energy Investments Attractiveness Country ranking (IREIA) to help international investors identify and prioritize the relevant markets. 

The IREIA index benchmarks 65 countries considered implicated in the renewable energy transition. 

This ranking can offer international investors interested in green energy projects financing a first glance at each country’s attractiveness and opportunities along with various criteria. 
The above picture shows the 5 countries that top our global ranking. 
To determine a country’s attractiveness and potential for renewable energy (RE) investments, various criteria must be considered. To guarantee a trustworthy comparison of the markets, these chosen criteria need to reflect the local characteristics and be applicable to all regions. While all weights and scoring systems were done internally, all the country-specific data were sourced from third-party agencies, accepting the lack of specific data for a couple of countries.

Three general domains were retained as the main investor considerations:

  1. the market readiness for renewable energies,

  2. the market size for future renewables energies,

  3. and the international investor attractiveness.

All three domains are assessed with sub-indicators.

For each sub-indicator, every country is given a proportional score depending on its relative performance. A ranking is then established for each of the three domains by weighting the indicators and aggregating all the scores. Finally, an overall ranking is set up by consolidating all scores on a scale ranging between 0 and 500. The USA is treated as one country, but a more refined analysis could better reflect potentially significant discrepancies between states. A similar approach would be beneficial as well for India and China.
Access and download our full report here.