Seeking investor to finance your project ?

Our platform connects individuals just like you with financiers seeking to fund small to mid size renewable energy projects. Our proprietary match making technology accelerates the discovery process and gets your project in front of buyers that fit your criteria.

Fund your project cheaper and increase liquidity by accessing a larger population of institutional investors able to (re)finance your project.

Reduce Time-to-Finance with our standardised Due Diligence process and Digital Data Room dedicated to sustainable infrastructure assets.

The most common types of projects we support are:

  • Solar farm
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I) rooftop solar projects
  • Community Solar Projects (CSP)
  • Floating Solar
  • Local Energy Storage
  • MicroGrid
  • Small wind
  • Small Hydro
  • Biomass
  • Waste to Energy (W2E)

Why choose us ?

Positive Energy Ltd. is the first to offer a one stop shop B2B marketplace and portfolio management system.

Our platform combines fragmented information into one single online Data Room  creating  operational efficiencies that save you time and effort.

We harness Blockchain technology to provide security, transparency and trust for quicker deals.