From the 17th to 21st of June 2019, Vincent Bakker, CFO & co-founder of Positive Energy Ltd., was in Manila, Philippines, in order to attend the Asian Development Bank’s event “ADB Asia Clean Energy Forum 2019”.

The theme of this event was Partnering for Impact”, in order to connect to ADB’s Strategy 2030 which aims at “achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable Asia and Pacific”.

The event was organized in such a way that people could attend different discussions with a common goal, be able to share the best practices in policy, technology and finance to meet the region’s climate and energy challenge.

Vincent had several opportunities to present Positive Energy Ltd.’s clean energy solution during this event, such as during the “Dim Sum with Entrepreneurs” or at a Thematic Track Session about “Financing of Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects”.

“Our presence at this event was immensely beneficial as it helped us to enrich our knowledge about clean energy investments in Asia, as well as identify the best practices to help us to accelerate the impact of clean energy transition, with the Positive Energy Ltd.’s digital platform.” – said participant