Our Mission

Shaping the future of renewable energy finance

Our mission is to reimagine the energy funding process to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets globally.
Climate Change is here. In spite of the Paris Agreement at COP21, there is still a Gap of ~30 Gigatons of Greenhouse Gas Emission saving to maintain temperature increase below 2ÂșC. By 2040, Energy Production Capacity will double from 6,718GW to 13,919GW. In 2040, 86% of Energy Investment will be in Renewable Energy representing 3.3Trillion USD investment in Wind Energy and 2.8Trillion USD investment in Solar Energy. In 2017, Solar and Wind became the Cheapest Sources of Energy. Drastic Shift from large fossil fuel infrastructure to smaller Solar and Wind distributed assets (from 0,5MW to 30MW) .

Through digital transformation

Traditional financing of small to mid-size projects is less profitable to investors than large scale projects due to high transaction costs.

Project owners struggle because financing is long, complex, and costly when dealing with non specialized investors and local banks.

Our green finance and management platform digitizes the asset finance workflow creating greater efficiency in business processes, operations, transparency and security resulting in higher profitability and performance.

Learn more about the environmental and social benefits of our digital platform here.

For generations to come

We believe that unleashing renewable energy finance is the key to a greener planet for ourselves and the next generations.