Dr. Nguyen Thi Lang and Giles T. Cooper will present on “The Challenges and Opportunities for Renewable Energy in Vietnam,” followed by the panel discussion, “Maximising the Opportunities for Commercialization of Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia.”

Topics include:

  • Regulatory changes needed to support improved project flow
  • The challenges facing energy projects and how can they be resolved
  • Actual lessons from a grid-connected solar project implementation in Vietnam
  • How corporates are driving development of renewable energy projects and what it means for developers
  • How to ensure bankability and overcoming document deficiencies
  • Intensification of solar power, particularly in achieving rural electrification
  • Microgrids as advanced replacements of conventional grids

ModeratorTim Rockell, Director, KPMG Global Energy Institute, Asia Pacific and Founder, Energy Strat Asia


Lionel Steinitz, CEO, LYS Energy Solutions

Jinn Lim, Partner, Positive Energy Ltd.

Maree Myerscough, General Counsel, Conergy

Priyank Srivastava, Special Counsel, Duane Morris & Selvam LLP