Higher returns. Faster deployment.

Small to mid size project financing is a long, costly and complex process involving various intermediaries. Investors and project developers face fundamental problems resulting from the initial deal sourcing to a lack of transparency in project and service pricing, the use of numerous and diverse sets of data, culture misalignment, a decentralised workflow and high transaction costs.

Our blockchain based asset financing, trading and management platform, solves these issues by digitalizing the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for all parties involved.  

Powered by Blockchain Technology

We leverage Blockchain to streamline collaboration between participants and reimagine key business processes. The technology transforms traditional renewable energy financing by facilitating the digitalization of the transaction workflow. Frequent exchanges with others are automated. Multiple users can view and edit documents at the same time and track changes within a secure environment. 

Autonomy – Smart contracts allow participants to make and enforce agreements without the need of an intermediary.

Trust – Documents are encrypted on a shared ledger guarantying the origin and validity of Due Diligence data and protecting the interests of all parties.

Protection – Blockchain provides immutable, auditable, traceable records of the transaction flow, projects and user data.

Accuracy – Smart contracts are not only faster and cheaper but also avoid errors that come from manually filling out heaps of form


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