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Financing for solar power

Solar Energy financing

The most powerful and accessible alternative source of energy is the Sun. The Sun energy potential is huge and it fills with confidence those ventures who are ready to develop it and therefore look for solar energy funding opportunities. One square meter of the solar surface has such emission power that can be compared with the power of the current consumed by a million bulbs with glow wires. All we need now is to find the most effective and economically viable method to use this resource and attract solar energy financing options. Finance – is the main clue to each project. Find your solution among many funding options on our platform. Be sure all financing solutions are under constant due diligence.

Taking into consideration this fact we must admit that the future belongs to those who are ready to contribute to the development of PV systems and need solar energy financing for their projects. Many enterprises and households who look for solar power project funding are grateful to scientific researches and modern technologies that made it possible. Nowadays the Sun’s energy is used for the provision of electric power supply to cosmic artificial objects, satellites, interplanetary research probes, and manned space bases on the Earth’s orbit. And this is only the start.

Perspectives of finding funding for solar farms

Through the use of groundbreaking technology innovations and an uprising of novel materials today we can bring up solar power plants and other projects, which are meant for a self-contained power supply. Many startups are searching for solar energy project finance because only finances can make them come true. And though the benefits and drawbacks of financing such power plants, farms, and other projects are still a matter of discussion, the practice shows that installation of a photovoltaic power plant is an economically effective solution and makes ventures find funding for solar power projects.

Those who are looking for financing for solar power projects may describe to any potential investor all advantages and disadvantages of solar farms and power plants. When the day is fine and the sky is clear one square kilometer of a ground surface is covered with one kilowatt of the Sun’s energy. The modern model of a PV system may produce 370 Watts of electric energy. The efficiency factor of such a power plant is equal to 21 %. Even with such relatively weak production power farms catch on with not just companies, organizations, and other legal entities but with mere citizens as well. This can be explained by the stability, independence, and a short period of financing recovery.

Knowing this allows you comparatively easy to find funding for solar PV systems. To see why we need to give a detailed consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power farms funding.

Solar Energy funding opportunities

There are certain benefits and drawbacks of PV systems:

The benefits are:

  • Solar is the most available source of free sustainable energy.
  • Solar is the fastest-growing power generation technology on the planet. The global installed capacity of solar power went from 0.23GWp in 1997 to 529GWp in 2019.
  • Solar plants are among the most carbon-efficient power sources. The lifecycle emissions are on average close to 40g CO2-eq per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This type of power plant does not produce sulfur, carbon monoxide gas (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), carbon dioxide gas (CO2), dusty pollutants, and other dangerous wastes.
  • Solar farms also provide the lowest Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) of the market. New-build solar is now almost on par with the running cost of coal-fired power plants. On current trends, the LCOE of best-in-class solar projects will be below $20/MWh by 2030.
  • Globally, the solar PV industry employs 3,2Mln people in 2020.
  • Solar power technologies are used in projects of very different capacities. A residential building can be equipped with a micro installation (<10KWp), and large utility scale ground-mounted solar farm can reach up to 2GWp (The Bhadla Solar Park, which is the largest solar power plant in the world, is based in Bhadla village, in India’s Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district was commissioned in March 2020 with an installed capacity of 2.25GW and it spans 14,000 acres).
  • Estimating the advantages of the Sun’s energy, it must be kept in mind that this source will be functioning for billions of years covering prospective projects that require finance. Those who are looking for solar energy financing options clearly understand that by raising the productivity of solar farms and other projects modern society obtains an unfailing source of alternative electric energy.
  • Financing of solar power projects makes possible the installation of PV systems at any spot on our planet and contributes to access to energy, energy security, and decarbonization of our societies. The temperature of the air and air pressure does not influence much on the performance of PV systems. The main condition for sound operation is sunlight. That’s why such electric power plants, farms, and other projects will be able to produce electric energy at any place of installation as soon as they get finance no matter if it’s the Equator, Antarctica, the Himalayas highland plateaus or Eastern European flatland.
  • Funding solar power plants, farms, and other projects promote and facilitates their development more and more every year. The growth of renewable energy is core to climate change mitigation.
  • The equipment system of a PV power plant does not have any movable parts and devices. Solar power plants and farms are notable for their noiselessness that makes it possible to set them up on roofs and even walls of residential houses.
  • Intuitive controls. As a rule, solar PV systems operate in automatic mode. Their control and monitoring can be performed by remote means – consider this point when planning your finances.
  • Financing solar energy projects is a relatively low-risk investment. PV plants have guaranteed performances for at least twenty-five years, which means that your funding is truly covered. And even after this period a solar farm will continue functioning but with less production and will still finance its investors. For example, the first solar farm built is still in operation.
  • Solar power can provide you with energy security by increasing your independence from the centralized power supply. For example, the building of a PV system behind the meter in your facility can provide electric energy directly to your facility during day time.

The drawbacks are:

  • The performance of photovoltaic farms depends on the weather and the time of the day. During the dark period when sunlight is absent PV systems don’t produce electric energy. Cloudy sky essentially reduces the level of energy generation. But the installation of energy storage solutions like batteries settles this problem.
  • Ventures who are eager to be involved and looking for solar energy finance may claim that the cost of it is high. This is a comparatively low disadvantage. This is a one-time funding and from the time of the start of the operation, it shows a meaningful return of finance. In addition, with each passing year, the cost of technologies is falling making solar power more competitive and the financing of solar power projects more attractive.
  • Solar installations require large surface areas to be deployed. On average, you can install 1MWp of solar power for every 1,5 ha. Solar can be installed above the ground on buildings, car parks, or other steel structures (Agri PV). In the last years, we saw a fast development of floating solar.   Solar panels can also be installed vertically to save space and make the best use of bifacial panels.
  • There are few operation costs associated with a solar farm.  The site needs to be secured and the solar panels must be cleaned from dust, dirt, and snow. Active equipment like inverters may have to be replaced over time – take it into account when you plan your finances.
  • Countries with very high penetration of solar power show a surplus of energy during peak sun hours. This phenomenon also named the “duck curve” can negatively impact the market price of energy at these times. This problem can be solved with different techniques: combination with an energy storage solution, designing the power plant to flatten the generation curve and deploying load-shifting technologies to increase demand during sun hours.

Solution for Solar Energy project finance

Financing the deployment of solar technologies is critical to mitigating climate change. Positive Energy Ltd helps you finance relevant PV systems that are in need of funding.

Our site is featured to draw together the project developers and investors to accelerate funding for solar power projects. It saves time for both parties who search finance and helps to choose the exact criteria that match demands within funding options.

Our match-making tool provides the possibility to do this. The integrated virtual data room allows you to store any documents involved in the financing of the PV projects.

Using our administration tools, the developer is always in control of the access rights and decides the persons who may have the access to these confidential documents.

By using the standard financial models developed by Positive Energy Ltd, developers and investors can share a common view of the business plan for the solar plant. They can then work together to design the best deal and asset.

With our platform, the seller and buyer can easily track any activity within the project and changes in its documentation.

So, if you want to find financing for your project, choose Positive Energy Ltd. – the professionals who will never let you down. Here finance is easy and all funding processes are supported.

No up-front cost ! Service fees are only payable upon successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.