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Solar energy investment

Investment in Solar Power Projects

The Sun is the mighty alternative source of energy. The Sun’s energy potential is tremendous. Investors who understand it take advantage of the opportunity to invest in solar power projects. Solar power investment opportunities for different projects are available for those who are ready to invest in solar farms. The energy of the Sun is a perfect electric energy supply for satellites, research probes, and manned space bases in orbit.

Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy Projects

A lot of energy companies are ready to accept investments in their solar farms and other PV projects. Installation of Photovoltaics (PV) power plants on the ground, water, above carpark, on rooftops, or even on building walls help our societies reduce their dependence on fossil fuel or help our societies decarbonize and mitigate climate change. The production of electricity by such power plants is performed almost all year around during day time. The building of farms and panels on rooftops has already proved that it was an effective solution despite that its advantages and disadvantages still remain the point of discussions. During good weather when the sky is clear such solar power plants are the most productive. A PV module may produce on average 400 Watts of electricity. In this case, the efficiency factor is 21%. In comparison with the other renewable energy projects, it may seem to be a weak option for investing in a solar farm but still wins popularity with various companies, legal entities, and citizens. Let us review the benefits and drawbacks of projects for investment in solar farms.

Solar Energy Investment Opportunities

There are several benefits and drawbacks of PV systems.

The benefits are:

  • Solar is the most available source of free sustainable energy.
  • Solar is the fastest-growing power generation technology on the planet. The global installed capacity of solar power went from 0.23GWp in 1997 to 529GWp in 2019.
  • Solar plants are among the most carbon-efficient power sources. The lifecycle emissions are on average close to 40g CO2-eq per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This type of power plant does not produce sulfur, carbon monoxide gas (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), carbon dioxide gas (CO2), dusty pollutants, and other dangerous wastes.
  • Solar farms also provide the lowest Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) of the market. New-build solar is now almost on par with the running cost of coal-fired power plants. On current trends, the LCOE of best-in-class solar projects will be below $20/MWh by 2030.
  • Globally, the solar PV industry employs 3,2Mln people in 2020.
  • It is common to associate other generation technologies (solar, batteries, or hydrogen electrolyzers) to adjust the generation curve to the load curve of the energy off-takers.
  • When we talk about the Sun’s energy you must keep in mind that this particular source is limitless. Our civilization may achieve the unfailing source of alternative electric energy by means of investing in solar power that will bring about progress in PV systems production.
  • Solar energy is highly predictable. It is easy to provide a high-level accuracy production forecast for a PV plant one day or two days ahead.
  • Investing in solar energy farms and other PV projects enables the deployment of power stations almost at any place including a rooftop of any building or the other suitable spots. The air pressure and temperature have a low influence on a PV farm performance level. The main point is the amount of sunlight. Taking into account these facts we may admit that solar energy electric farms can be built either at the Equator or Antarctica.
  • A company that decides to invest in a solar farm or any other PV project has a guarantee that it will be working for at least 25 years.

The drawbacks are:

  • The time of the day and the weather influence a solar power plant’s performance. PV systems are not capable of producing electricity during the nighttime. Electric storage batteries resolve this issue.
  • The investments and expenses related to solar power investing may be considered high in comparison. But this is a questionable disadvantage. Essential paybacks can be seen from the moment when a farm starts working. And also every year the projects for solar power investment become more and more affordable due to the development of technologies.
  • Despite PV systems automation, some of their parts require support. For example, the panels placed on rooftops must be cleaned from dust, dirt, and snow.

The Best Company to Invest In Solar Energy

There are certain features within our platform that make a company or an individual choose Positive Energy Ltd’s solution for making investments. One of them is the opportunity to invest in any project without any hazards in the simplest manner. Our site pulls together those who are interested in making investments in solar power plants and solar project developers. We provide direct access to the asset project information to support project finance and off-balance-sheet financing of the solar plants. Finding the right project for the right investor is done by means of our match-making technology. Regarding any project, the calculation of future returns from investments is performed by our team using our state-of-the-art financial models and giving the opportunity to all of our participants to choose among diversified sustainable energy assets. The virtual data rooms embedded in our web application provide all required information to perform the solar project’s due diligence. Developers store all documents related to their projects pipeline and investment opportunities. We believe that trust and transparency is key to create the right relationship between the developer and the investors. With our solution, we aim to accelerate the sharing of knowledge and information between parties for them to reach an agreement and make the transaction. Only by properly identifying the risks and assessing the economic attractiveness of a deal can an investment team make the right decision for their portfolio creation. Our tool guarantees the confidentiality of the information. Developers are in charge of the authorization of users and provide an effective way to track project information changes. Join the club, start to invest in solar power plants, rooftop panels, and other PV projects, and enjoy all that you will find here with Positive Energy Ltd.!
No up-front cost ! Service fees are only payable upon successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.