Chief Technology Officer

American National and Thailand PR, Ashton Adams has over 20 years of international experience as an Entrepreneurial Visionary “Agile” IT Executive Leader (CTO, EVP, Director, Product Manager and Consultant). His travels have taken him to over 60 countries, having lived and worked 6 years in Europe from 2000-2006 and now 10 years in S.E. Asia… All of this rich cultural experience has culminated in real-life multi-national IT Development exposure that has included the successful Implementation, Management and Launch of many High-Tech Startups and Products for ventures based in (Asia, Europe and North America).

Ashton has an MBA from Arizona State University(U.S.A.) and is a Certified (PMP, NPDP, ITIL EXPERT andAGILE/SCRUM MASTER), Product Owner-Manager and Executive Team Collaborator who’s career achievements boast an Impeccable Track Record of Leading, Architecting, Designing and Delivering new “Innovative”and “Disruptive” and “ Game Changing” IT Software Development Products and Services on a global scale.