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Waste to energy finance


Finance Waste to Energy Project Easily

We welcome everyone to finance a waste to energy project. Energy from garbage is the process of power generation represented by electricity and/or heat by means of incineration of wastes (solid municipal trash or industrial waste). That is all domestic and similar garbage, which is not subject to recycling, are converted into useful forms of power. Wastes are usually burnt at special garbage processing plants that convert the garbage into power and use heat from fire for the production of steam and electrical energy or heat for heating systems. Find waste to energy project funding here at this website and get all benefits from it.

Waste to Energy Project Financing

Before beginning to finance a waste to energy project further you may look through the list of main technologies used for power generation from rubbish:

  • Thermal treatment on the grate.

The most widespread technology for financing. A lot of producers who look for funding for their waste to energy projects make complicated equipment for residue utilization on the grate and produce electricity and heat. Nowadays incineration has proved to be a clean technology after drastic improvements performed in it.

  • Fluidized bed technology.

If you are looking for financing for your waste to energy project, then keep in mind that this is one of the main garbage to power technologies. There are two types of fluidized beds – static and circulating. This type of technology mainly is used for the recycling of wastewater sludge and solid household garbage. Such technology has a high performance of recycling and low level of slag ratio with post-combustion capture. The level of stack gas contamination is much lower than legislative requirements.

  • Rotary kiln.

It is used for the utilization of dangerous biological, medical and industrial garbage. High temperatures enable full control over the termination of germs and viruses and the low level of oxygen inlet ensures the low rate of emission. Financing this kind of a waste to energy projects guarantees profit since medical issues are always in great demand.

  • Plasma Arc Gasification.

It is used for the utilization of peculiar types of rubbish, which are very hazardous and radioactive. This technology for funding is very expensive and consumes a lot of power for conversion. Power effectiveness is small due to a low outlet of the power.

  • Pyrolysis.

It has many advantages – the absence of toxic emissions, minimal oxidation, high level of synthesis gas production. The cleanest and simple technology for rubbish utilization to finance in. Little-known at the market.

Finance Your Waste to Energy Project

This website is created to draw together developers and investors in regard to funding for a waste to energy project. Our tools allow all to find each other quickly entering certain criteria that separate appropriate and irrelevant projects for financing. Make the right choice in the sphere of funding and join the club!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.