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Waste to energy investment


Invest in Waste to Energy Projects

Waste to energy (W2E) investment is always promising since rubbish, like solid municipal waste or industrial trash, is a never-ending source. Often, the electric power generated from garbage is performed by means of incineration of wastes. 

After sorting the trash and extracting all items that can be recycled or reintroduced into the circular economy, the remaining items can be disposed of while creating energy-from-waste. 

This is an elegant way to get rid of non-hazardous waste – otherwise destined for landfill. By investing in Waste to Energy projects you prevent the formation of landfills and the associated GHG emissions.

There are special processing plants that burn domestic garbage and thus transform it into electricity and heat. On this website, you may find various related projects, which are looking to be invested in.

Waste to Energy Investment

Before starting to invest in rubbish to power project let us list the leading technologies used for electricity generation from garbage:

  • Thermal treatment with energy recovery. Many of those who are in search of investment for their waste to energy projects use special equipment for garbage utilization on the grate for the production of electricity and heat.
  • Fluidized bed technology. Invest in one of the main waste to energy technologies. This type is used for sewage sludge and solid domestic garbage recycling. The rate of stack gas pollution is lower than legislative requirements.
  • Rotary kiln. Such type is used when hazardous biological, industrial and medical rubbish requires utilization. Viruses and germs are terminated by high temperatures with a low level of emissions.
  • Plasma Arc Gasification. This is one of the most expensive technologies. Dangerous and radioactive garbage requires utilization as well and this type completely meets all the necessary requirements.

Investment in Waste to Energy

You have entered the website created for the purpose of drawing together developers and professional investors (companies and individuals) who are eager to invest in waste to energy projects. Take advantage of different tools available on our website and find the project that you were looking for to invest in. Join the Positive Energy Ltd. community and access all the investment opportunities listed on our platform!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.