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Investing in wind power - Read more on how and where to find an investment opportunity for wind farms and turbines projects
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Investing in wind energy

Wind Energy Investment Projects

From year to year wind power is becoming more required within the market of sustainable power. Wind energy investing and the use of airstream energy are increasing throughout the whole world. Businesses that are willing to invest in wind power projects know that the average amount of wind-generated energy offshore and onshore grew up from seven GW in the late 90s to 565 GW in 2018.

In general, potential investors who are eager to invest in wind energy projects understand the principles of airstream power plants’ work performance. The kinetic energy that is created by the air in motion is used for electricity production. Turbines transform kinetic energy into electricity. Their blades are rotated by the breeze blowing against them and consequently, a shaft connected to a generator is moved and accordingly electric power is produced. Opportunities for wind farm investment become clear as soon as we find out that the quantity of power that can be produced by each turbine depends upon its size and the length of its blades. And the general output is proportional to the dimensions of a rotor and the cube of the breeze speed. Hypothetically if the airstream speed doubles then its power potential rises up by a factor of eight.

Wind Farms Investment. Benefits and Pitfalls

Companies, individuals, and legal entities who want to invest in wind turbine projects may note the following advantages and disadvantages of every project.

The advantages are:

  • The wind is a free sustainable source of power.
  • Wind projects are among the most carbon-efficient power sources. The lifecycle emissions are close to 20g CO2-eq per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This type of power plant you have an opportunity to invest in does not produce sulfur, carbon monoxide gas (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), carbon dioxide gas (CO2), dusty pollutants, and other dangerous wastes.
  • The dependence on fossil fuel, water resources, and atom piles goes down when you invest in a wind farm.
  • Wind farms also provide one of the lowest Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) of the market. Globally, the LCOE for onshore wind will fall from an average of USD 0.06 per kWh in 2018 to 0.05/kWh by 2030 and USD 0.02/kWh by 2050.
  • Wind turbine investment opportunity supports the overall electricity network development and the build of a stronger centralized energy supply grid. The installation of large turbines can be done at offshore platforms or on-shore.
  • At the same time, the wide location of turbines, that you can invest in, enables the distribution of the sources of electricity to regions and sets up fail-safe power supply systems defended against casualties and terrorist attacks.
  • Investing in wind farm projects permits turbines to take up as little space as possible. Also, their location makes it simple to fulfill some other activities such as farming and animal husbandry.
  • It is common to associate other generation technologies (solar, batteries, or hydrogen electrolyzers) to adjust the generation curve to the load curve of the energy off-takers.
  • In 2019, 1,2 Mln people were working for the wind industry across its value chain.

The disadvantages are:

  • The airstream is not a stable source of energy. It offers lower predictability than most of the other sustainable sources of electricity.
  • Investment in wind energy projects and installation of turbines is pointless in the areas where wind blowing is unstable, seldom, or does not have high speed.
  • These turbines can be damaged by an extreme weather event, they are also noisy to some extent. The latest development techniques allow the creation of a typhoon-proof wind farm.
  • Large turbines kill birds from time to time. Partially it could be solved with the help of logical distribution of turbines so that their blades don’t rotate in-plane. Nevertheless, environmental impact studies show that wind farms have a very limited and negligible negative impact on biodiversity.
  • The only use of airstream power is not capable of meeting the demands of a town, region, or state. It can be used just as an additional sustainable power source combining solar energy, and energy storage (hydropower plant, batteries, or green hydrogen). It can also complement legacy technologies like LNG or atom piles.
  • The areas with constant airstreams, which are the most convenient for investing in wind farms, are sometimes situated far from densely populated regions. In this case, the solution requires the installation of long-distance transmission lines.

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Our aim is to help our customers gain the right understanding of the risks/returns profile of an asset or a project. With the right assessment of the bankability and investability of wind investment opportunities, investors can make the correct decision and offer to close the deal.

Our company also created this platform with a built-in virtual data room where all companies and individuals willing to invest in green energy projects may access online all relevant paperwork for the targeted assets.

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If you want to invest in wind power projects (power plants and farms), join our company’s website and take advantage of all investment possibilities you will find here with Positive Energy Ltd.!

No up-front cost !
Service fees are only payable upon
successful transaction.

We charge a 3% fee on projects funded through the platform.